Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke can cause damage to the property to the extent that very little else can. After the fire engines leave, your property will have sustained the effects of the fire and smoke damage, often in addition to the water damage and flooding as the result of putting out the fire. As well as the burden of managing the consequences of a property fire, there is of course the emotional part of the restoration process.

Domayne Services team have the specialist fire restoration and remediation training and experience to rapidly tidy up and restore all affected areas to the pre-fire condition.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

Not only can the fire put the safety inside your commercial property in danger, destroy critical data and equipment, and cause damage to your property, it will likely impact your everyday business activities as well.

We understand this and are trained and equipped to deal with fire restoration and remediation projects in the most efficient and effective way.

During the fire, smoke invades many areas of your property, making smoke damage an additional issue to deal with. Often when smoke combines with the moisture in the air, it forms destructive residue that can settle on and destroy your equipment. This is yet another reason you need to act quickly, to reduce further property damage. At Domayne Services, we offer 24-hour commercial fire restoration services.

As commercial smoke and fire damage restoration specialists, we can remove sediment from aluminium and chrome racking, natural and man-made stone, tiles, glass, as well as from textiles such as upholstery, carpets, and more. We utilise the latest technology and systems to ensure the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

Put your trust in us and we will do everything to ensure you can get back to providing business to your clients and have your business running as normal as soon as possible.

What to Do Following a Fire

If you experience a fire at your residential or commercial property, once the safety of all involved had been secured, you should contact your insurance provider. Most insurance companies request the tenants or property owners to report any damage as soon as possible. By notifying your insurer early, you will put yourself in the better position for putting in a claim. Your next call ought to be to a specialist fire damage restoration service provider, like Domayne Services.

As soon as we have your instructions and approval to act, our team will start the process of restoration and remediation at your premises.

What Not to Do Following a Fire

Without proper equipment and expertise, it may be dangerous to enter the affected premises shortly after the fire.

Avoid the following:

  • Cleaning or washing surfaces – Leave this to the restoration experts. Despite the fact that you might see the need to clean walls, floors, and counters, etc, you may well cause further damage without the necessary expertise and the right equipment.
  • Consuming food items exposed to fire and smoke – Any consumables, including canned products and drinks that had been exposed to the fire or smoke, should be disposed of.
  • Cleaning your clothes or uniforms – Domayne Services can assist with cleaning of such items. Standard washing or dry-cleaning procedures may be ineffective
  • Using appliances – Try not to use electrical appliances until you have had them checked and tagged as secure. The same applies to turning on the lights.

How Domayne Services Can Help You!

Following a fire, there are a few factors you should consider. Each fire event is unique but getting us involved in the restoration process as early as possible, will probably limit any further damage to your property or other assets. The earlier we can start to mitigate the spread of the damage, the earlier you will be returning your premises to a safe, comfortable environment.

Our Fire restoration services include:

  • Smoke Elimination
  • Odor Removal
  • Deodorising
  • Complete Cleaning and Repair
  • Contents Restoration
  • Water Damage Remediation

Domayne Services is a certified fire damage restoration service provider that uses advanced technologies and equipment to ensure a complete and successful fire clean-up. For added piece of mind, as we restore your premises, our team will track the entire restoration and remediation process to give full transparency for our clients and their insurance providers. If you have suffered the damaging effects of a fire, call our experts today!