Domayne Services – Water Damage Restoration Specialist

You can depend on our expert water damage restoration team, to re-establish your premises following water damage. We’ll assist you with getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We have vast experience of more than 15 years in the industry and understand how devastating any form of water damage can be. That is why we offer our quality service performed by trained professionals using superior equipment to provide you with the correct solution for your problem.

Damage that results from flooding, water and sewage can have a severe impact on your property. That’s why we have water damage restoration experts ready to serve you 24/7. Our highly trained water damage Specialists understand the importance of your property and the importance of getting you back to normal as soon as possible.

Water damage can impact your property in many ways and you need to know that you have an expert with real experience on your side. Domayne Services is one of Australia’s best service providers of water damage restoration, so you can rely on our ability an know-how. Call us anytime you require any of the following:

Storm Damage – Cleanup and Restoration

Storm and flood can damage a number of areas in your property, so an immediate action is needed. Domayne Services water damage restoration team have the expertise and the resources to handle any size disaster and will respond at the earliest opportunity.

The damage may affect your roof, your internal space, external areas, and more. During heavy rainfall and severe weather, your roof will often become the source of leaks. In any case, regardless of where the damaging water came from, call us to get the problem assessed and rectified as soon as possible.

Leaking Appliances – Cleanup and Restoration

Have you experienced the shock of coming home and finding water all over the floor? If that is the case, perhaps one of your appliances had leaked. Leaking appliances can cause a great deal of damage, be it a slow drip or high volume of water. Small leaks over time can cause mold and water damage. Dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters are the typical causes of water damage.

Our experts will diagnose the scope of the damage and quickly provide full cleanup and restoration services. Even minor leaks should be promptly addressed to prevent further damage from occurring. Call us as soon as you have noticed the leak.

Plumbing Problems – Cleanup and Restoration

Plumbing leaks or burst pipes can quickly lead to property damage and impact the comfort and safety of the people inside. From leaking pipes to sewer system backups and drain cleaning, there’s no plumbing issue that DOMAYNE SERVICES’ skilled plumbers cannot handle. Our highly trained plumbing team can take on whatever issue they are presented with. They’re well trained and equipped professionals, able to repair or install pipes, fixtures, and appliances quickly and efficiently.

Flooded Basement & Water Removal – Cleanup and Restoration

Basements are often the most affected section of a building when it comes to flood or water damage. They are prone to flooding from significant water spills, broken down pumps, and many other sources. Our team will provide thorough investigation of your basement and the subsequent water damage restoration. We will remove the water from your basement, dry things up, and clean up. We will also assist in isolating the source of the leak, so you can avoid future flooding.

Sewage Backup – Cleanup and Restoration

One of the most dramatic and chaotic types of water damage is a sewage backup. Needless to say, damage caused by sewage must be addressed immediately since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can cause illnesses. Our specialist team has the expertise and the tools to quickly handle these critical sewage cleanup tasks and restore your environment safely back to normal.

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage mitigation prevents any additional damage by applying quick and appropriate actions as soon as we have completed your water damage restoration.

Regardless of whether it’s a burst pipe, storm flooding, or any other cause, water damage needs to be addressed quickly, efficiently and completely.

Water mitigation is about considerably more than simply drying and cleaning a property. There are numerous aspects to consider, such as disinfecting and treating permeable materials (for example floor coverings or plasterboard walls) that can hold water. If left wet or untreated, microscopic organisms can potentially flourish and cause serious problems down the track. At DOMAYNE SERVICES, we understand the significance of quick action and the expert execution of a complete water restoration plan.