Moulds are naturally occurring micro-organisms (fungi) that can be very damaging for home and business owners. Mould grows in damp, warm and humid conditions and can develop within 24-48 hours of water exposure. Worse still, mould will keep on expanding until steps are taken to eliminate the source of dampness, and successfully manage the problem.

Moulds produce mycotoxins that can be harmful to your health. If the affected area is left untreated, it will result in damage to the property, foul odour, and possibly lead to some health issues.

If you suspect that your property has a mould problem, Domayne Services team can help you with mould remediation, beginning with proper testing to identify its presence and location.

Understanding Mould

Water can find its way into virtually everything, and get inside walls, partitions, under the floors, and inside ceiling cavities. This will likely cause the mould to flourish, as tiny spores that exist everywhere, inside and out, making it difficult to completely eliminate it from the property.

Mould is a very serious issue and you should be aware of the following facts:

  • Mould is everywhere
  • Mould spores are tiny and float all around you, and may enter your home through windows, entries or even hitch a ride on your clothes or a pet.
  • Mould impacts people by causing an allergic reaction with varying degrees of severity
  • Mould can grow in dust, paint, wallpaper, insulation material, plasterboard, carpet, fabrics, and elsewhere
  • Low humidity level between 30% and 50% all day long is recommended to avoid mould, but that is not always achievable.

Mould is a common problem found in many homes and organizations. It’s critical that any area affected by mould is remediated quickly, as it can spread elsewhere in a short period of time.

Given that the mould spores are ever present, water damage can trigger mould growth, regardless of how minimal the water damage is.

Mould Removal

Domayne Services has years of experience of identifying, containing and eliminating mould, cleaning and remediating mould damaged areas, as well as restoring and preventing future mould damage.

Signs of Mould

  • Dull spots on surfaces such as floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Mouldy odours
  • Respiratory and allergy issues for inhabitants

Mould can be damaging to your property and most importantly, your health. In the instance where mould isn’t visible, a stale smell, strange staining on walls and ceilings, are often signs of mould. If you are experiencing allergic reactions (for example ongoing runny nose, coughing, itchy or sore eyes, etc), those too can be a sign of presence of mould.

If you have any concerns about mould in your environment, you should seek expert opinion as soon as possible. Call us to make sure that your premises are free of mould, or to assess the extend of the problem and take the necessary steps to remedy it.

Our mould removal specialists are experienced in:

  • Recognising source of dampness
  • Assessing mould development (obvious or suspected)
  • Containing damage to the smallest zone possible
  • Restoring damaged surfaces securely and effectively
  • Drying affected areas to eliminate cross contamination and to prevent mould from returning
  • Perform or recommend appropriate steps for returning the property to its previous condition

Our mould removal services focus on recognising the cause for the problem and delivering long-term solutions for our valued clients.

A single phone call to us, can have our experts there in no time, remedying the damage and eliminating sources of health issues that result from mould exposure.