No matter what kind of flooring you have, DOMAYNE SERVICES can keep your floors looking spotless!

Floor Cleaning Services in Sydney

It’s no secret that keeping commercial floors clean is no simple task. Dirt, dust, rain, and mud present a wide range of cleaning challenges year-round, as they all find their way into office buildings and other facilities.

In addition to carpet, other floor coverings have been gaining popularity. tiles and hardwood floors are just a few types of hard surfaces now in demand. Like carpet these too eventually need professional attention. The most common tool used by the homeowner is the mop. This appears to do an effective job for a period, but eventually dirt and grime are absorbed into the grout between the tiles and build-up causes the tiles to appear dull and dingy.

This is where DOMAYNE SERVICES stands special. We’ve been in the cleaning industry for more than a decade and provide the highest quality cleaning services in Sydney when it comes to floor care. We also offer a protective sealant for tile and grout to protect your surfaces from permanent staining.

Residential Tiles

DOMAYNE SERVICES is your answer to grease or soil build-up in kitchens, sunrooms and more. Soap scum in bathrooms and pool rooms are no problem with our exclusive process. Our deep cleaning technique cleans many types of tile surfaces.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning services from DOMAYNE SERVICES are customized to each client’s individual needs. Our services can be tailored to the type of flooring you need cleaned, the square footage of your facility, the amount of traffic your floors are exposed to, and a range of other factors. We create customized cleaning solutions to help minimize the impact of floor cleaning on your bottom line, your day-to-day operations and any specific cleaning concerns you may have.



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