Are you tired of entering your office every time, just to find it cluttered and messy? Added to that, dust, dirt, and stains can make it look all the more unpleasant. Where there is no cleanliness, there isn’t going to be a good performance by the employees. Having an aesthetic surrounding is conducive to productivity and is necessary for keeping a positive, non-toxic environment. Here are ten office cleaning tips that you can follow to make your workplace look spick and span every day.

Make a to-do list

Make a to-do list to Office Cleaning Tips

Making a to-do list is one of the best office cleaning tips. It’s easy enough to go on a cleaning spree once in a while and then leave it for some days or weeks to come. What’s not easy is maintaining a cleaning routine every day. Regularity and consistency in a not-that-huge cleaning regime are far better than a once-in-a-while thorough cleansing session.

To get that regularity, it is necessary to have a to-do list. Once you decide on a plan for cleaning your office, write it down in the same order on an easily perusable checklist. If you rely on memory alone, you might mix the order of the steps or you might forget one of ‘em altogether.

Periodically remind employees to clean their desks

Periodically remind employees to clean their desks

While a thorough cleaning session needs to be conducted in the office every couple of days, there are some things that you, as the boss, can do to make sure that the place doesn’t get too messy in the time between. One such step is to periodically remind employees to clean their desks.

The desks are the places that have the highest potential of getting messy. If a few papers come out of their files and get scattered on the table-top, or some pencils are left lying outside their cubby hole, the whole desk starts to look like in shambles. A couple of such desks can adversely affect the look of the whole room.

Have bins beside every desk

Have bins beside every desk

Although there is a major chance that your office already has this thing going on, it is being mentioned here for the benefit of those organizations where it’s not.

If there are bins beside every desk, the employees will not try and hoard up their rubbish inside the drawers and cabinets. Whenever they have something to throw away, they will instantly do it since the bin is right there within reach.

But if there is just one bin for the entire office to use, and it’s placed at one side of the room, the employees will feel less motivated to throw away the stuff that has to be necessarily thrown away. Since doing that would mean walking over to the bin, some employees may make it a habit of trying to throw the stuff in from where they are sitting. That would, consequently, result in crumpled-up papers, used pens, and other miscellaneous pieces of rubbish getting piled up around the bin.

Use bin liners

Use bin liners

Using bin liners can help you a great deal during your cleaning process. If there are no bin liners, the garbage is going to stick to the inside and will have to be manually removed. Doing this on every bin will take up considerable time; precious time that you can use elsewhere.

Focus on the kitchen

Focus on the kitchen to clean

When doing the thorough cleanup, be sure to pay special attention to the kitchen (this applies if your office does have one). Clean out the fridge, drawers, and cupboards of any food remains and remnants. This can, while stinking up the workplace, also attract pests.

Keep special attention to kitchen windows but it is quite hard to remove the grime, you can hire professional window cleaning services from Domayne Services.

Lay some doormats

As a part of cleaning tips- Lay some doormats

One of the main reasons for grime and dirt getting on the office floor is when it gets trailed in by employees walking in from the street. If your office floor is white, or any light color, this sort of smut and filth will be very visible.

You can counter this issue by placing doormats (ones made with metal strands/fibers) at every entrance to the office building. Floor cleaning is something that you should pay special attention to since a dirty floor will destroy the look of the whole room, even if the other aspects and elements are clean and well-kept.

If there is any sort of carpeting in your office, this step becomes even more important. While floors can be cleaned by some good scrubbing, carpets are more persistent. For dirty carpets, professional carpet cleaning services sometimes remain the only option.

Dedicate some space to cleaning supplies

In your office, you should dedicate some room specifically to cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, cleaning cloths and dusters, etc. This should ideally be a small room, but if you don’t have the capacity for it, it can be a cupboard as well.

If you get some supplies and then place them in some corner or in a room that is already in use for some other purpose, they will get easily misplaced.

Focus on the Washrooms

Like the kitchens, the washrooms should also be focused on specifically. The smell, if left unchecked, can cause quite a disturbance in the office. The washroom should constantly have a stock of air fresheners at the ready.

The washroom floor should also be kept clean and dry. If the washroom floor is left wet, your entire office can become…unsightly with dirty shoeprints.

Empty the bins at the end of the day

This step can also help keep your office clean and free of bad smells. The bins should not be left to sit until they’re brimming to full capacity. At the end of the work hours, the employees should be instructed to empty the bins in the trash receptacle. This will be easier done if the bins are all fitted with liners.

Hire professionals

Following the mentioned office cleaning tips is good but hiring a professional office cleaner is always better. Every office should have a fixed day for a thorough cleaning session. Ideally, this should be done by the employees. When divided among different people, the whole process will be done very quickly. When the employees will clean up their mess themselves, they will also get the motivation to make a little less of it….for their own benefit.

But, if this is not possible, you can hire professional cleaning services. The pros will do the job down to detail, and leave your office looking all nice and tidy. This will, however, cost you some additional money


If you need to clean up your office – and keep it that way – try following some of the Office Cleaning Tips discussed above. Steps and measures taken passively and consistently can go a long way in keeping your office tidy.